About Barry

Barry Schreiber not only embraces a strong shoulder to lean on, but also has an intuitive ear, an outstretched hand and a warm heart. He knows what it is to need a shoulder to lean on. His experience has taught him to be empathetic, sympathetic and deeply caring of others.

In addition, Barry possesses the disciplines required and essential to provide you with a full range of professional services: He has practiced law since 1971 and is a member of the Florida and Israel Bars. He served as an elected official for 14 years and a lobbyist for 6 years. Understanding the political process is second nature to him.

Barry has been certified as a mediator/arbitrator with extensive training as a negotiator, utilizing these skills while sitting on the judicial bench for over 3 years. Barry is a registered investment banker, financier, film producer, venture capitalist and holds a California life and health insurance license.

Barry is an experienced actor, SAG member since 1985, and has a thorough understanding of the entertainment industry. His talents are rounded out by being a motivational speaker to the elderly and a professional life coach.

Feel free to contact Barry at (310) 601-0892 for a free exploratory consultative discussion or email him at barry@ashouldertoleanon.com